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  • Farm Name:
    Pillsbury Wine Company
  • Name:
    Sam Pillsbury
  • Address:
    4109 E. Via Estrella, Phoenix, AZ, 85028
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    Call first or email.
  • Farm Type and Features:
    • Winery
  • Description:
    Pillsbury Wines are 100% Arizona Grown and made right here in the Grand Canyon State.

    Our superb Boutique Rhone table wines are made from grapes grown in high altitude cool microclimates. Our wines are fresh, fragrant and original.

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    Find our wines in the following stores and restaurants:

    AZ Wines
    AJs (Phoenix and Tucson)
    Whole Foods (Phoenix and Tucson)
    Phoenix Wines, Scottsdale
    Cave Creek Wines
    The Winery, Anthem
    Down Under Wines, Chandler
    Made in Arizona, Sedona
    Brix Winespot, Cave Creek
    The Kitchen, Scottsdale
    Arcadia Wines, Scottsdale
    Queen Creek Olive Mill
    Sun Devil Liquor
    Tops Liquors
    Total Wine, Glendale

    The Asylum Restaurant, Jerome
    Cucina Rustica, Village of Oak Creek, Sedona
    Dahl and Di Luca, Sedona
    A'Roma, Village of Oak Creek, Sedona
    Troias, Sedona
    Fork in the Road, Village of Oak Creek, Sedona
    Heartline Caf�, Sedona
    Enchantment Resort and Spa, Sedona
    El Portal, Sedona
    Elote Caf�, Sedona
    Garlands Oak Creek Lodge, Sedona
    Rainbows End