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    Rousseau Farming Company
  • Name:
    Will Rousseau
  • Address:
    16156 West Olive Avenue, Waddell, Arizona, 85355
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    • Co-op
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  • Description:
    Rousseau Farming Company has been a part of the Arizona community for generations. Our roots in the Salt River Valley date as far back as 1878. Our families have had their hands in Arizona soil since they first came to this fine state - they started in cattle, then expanded to cotton, hay and corn, and finally transitioned to vegetables.

    Rousseau Farming Company farms approximately 9,500 acres in the Phoenix metro area - 600 acres are dedicated just to organic farming. We offer over 20 different fresh fruits and vegetables that can be found in your local market - everything from carrots, broccoli, leaf lettuce, red and rainbow chard, cilantro, parsley, celery, leeks and watermelons.

    We at Rousseau Farming Company are proud of what we do - we're proud not only of what we grow but also of the great place we grow it. We are committed to offering you the freshest quality locally grown produce. So the next time you are in the market, looking for vegetables grown right here in Arizona, Rousseau is the label to look for.

    We are your local farmers market.