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  • Farm Name:
    The Herb Lady
  • Name:
    Catherine Crowley
  • Address:
    Post Office Box 30413, Mesa, Arizona, 85275
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  • Farm Type and Features:
    • Farmers Market
  • Description:
    Almost 2 decades ago some of my family had health considerations requiring low fat and low salt meals. If you take the fat and salt from usual and customary cooking, you have no flavor!
    Looking around for ways to enhance the flavor of food, I turned to my growing interest in herbs and edible flowers. I discovered not only the incredible range of flavor with which I could perfume the kitchen but also the range of color, fragrance, form, and texture available with which to garden.
    Something as simple as a change of herb, or the texture of a flower can add a new look and scent to the garden, and the table. Add Good Looks, Good Scents and Good Eats to your garden!