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  • Farm Name:
    Udder Delights
  • Address:
    1385 E Warner Rd, Gilbert, AZ, 85296
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  • Farm Type and Features:
    • Dairy
  • Description:
    Pastry Chef Chef Stephanie Lopez uses fresh, local ingredients and leaves out the food coloring, flavorings, and all the words you can't pronounce when you read the side of your ice cream container in your freezer at home. She works with local farms to find in-season local produce to create custom flavors from scratch. That means the Strawberry ice cream tastes like real strawberries because it has real strawberries. Trust us, you will taste the difference! We even offer as many free samples as you want. Don't be shy! We think everyone should try them all! Just remember, eat at your own risk! We mean what when we say when we call it Life-Changing. You might not be able to eat other Ice Cream once you've tasted the best Ice Cream in the Universe!