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Catherine's Stuffed Nasturtium Leaves
Taste quinoa for salt but keep in mind that the olives will impart salt and taste. Mix quinoa, olives and parsley together. Mix olive oil and lemon juice together. Pour 1/3 of oil mixture over quinoa and fold to mix in (don't mash the grains). Pour another third of the oil mixture in the pot you will use. Assemble the rolls. With the vein side up, place 2 tablespoons approximately near base on the leaf (if using small leaves about 1 tablespoon). Roll over, then fold over left and right sides and continue folding to create the bundle, place seam side down in pot. Make sure they are snugged tightly together. If you can't fill the pot, put a potato, carrot or some other vegetable in with bundles to keep them close together (that is what I will do next time if I do not have enough bundles. The veggie will get a nice flavor. Pour the remaining oil mixture over the bundles and add enough water to come up about half way the height of the bundles. Bring to a low simmer and cook covered for 20 minutes. Let cool and enjoy! To learn more about Nasturtium and Quinoa go to Catherine's blog at