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  • Farm Name:
    Foote's Hold Dairy
  • Name:
    John Foote
  • Address:
    5850 North Dudleyville Road, Dudleyville, Arizona, 85192
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  • Farm Type and Features:
    • Farmers Market
  • Farmers Market:
    Broadway Village Farmers' Market and Rincon Valley Farmers & Artisans Market
  • Description:
    Foote's Hold Dairy is one of two licensed raw goat cheese dairy in Arizona. We are a family owned dairy located in Dudleyville, AZ. All of our cheese is made from our own herd of dairy goats inducing Nubian, Mini Nubian, French Alpine and Africian Pygmy. Foote's Hold Dairy is nestled in a cove of cottonwoods along the San Pedro River. Our goats thrive on fresh green pasture, organic grains, alfalfa hay and mouch love.